St Lukes Medical Centre

Dr Ruiz and Dr Joarder - 2 St Luke's Square, Canning Town, London E16 1HT

Computer Records

The practice holds computerised health rec-ords, and is registered under the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 and the COMPUT-ER MISUSE ACT 1980, under which you have statutory rights. You are entitled to have access to your records that were hand-written after 1/11/1991. The Data protection Act 1998 gives patients the right to access their medical records, including computer-ised as well as manual records.

You must apply in writing stating the reason access is required: a charge of £10.00, plus photocopying fees (to a maximum of £50.00), will be made.
We will process applications for access re-ceived from patients, the parent/guardian for a child, a personal representative of a deceased patient (for which a statement of the requester’s claim to the deceased per-son’s estate is required in the request) or a person appointed to look after the affairs of a patient incapable of doing so personally. We will endeavour to allow access to records promptly; however applications may take up to 40 working days to process. If you have any questions about our access to health records procedures, please contact the Prac-tice Manager.

From 16th Nov 2021, our telephone number is changing. Our new number will be 02034745866. please take note of the new number because the old number will be invalid from 16th Now 2021.